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Cambodia’s Tourism to Break a Record in 2024: Implications for Property Investment

In 2024, Cambodia's international tourism is set to reach unprecedented heights. It not only revived but also set to break a record. It has already reached the second highest number of Q1 arrivals of all times.
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AirAsia Cambodia domestic flights

AirAsia Cambodia Takes Off: Affordable and Frequent Domestic Flights in Cambodia

AirAsia Cambodia's launch of domestic flights promises to revitalize tourism in Sihanoukville, Koh Rong, Siem Reap, and Phnom Penh, connecting these diverse destinations and fostering economic growth. With improved accessibility through new flight routes, upcoming airport developments, and enhanced infrastructure, Cambodia's hidden gems and cultural landmarks are poised to shine brighter on the global tourism stage.
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Extractive Industries Licensing and Payments in Cambodia

Cambodia's mineral resources, managed under a comprehensive legal framework by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, are categorized into five groups, with all mining operations requiring government-issued licenses. The number of active licenses has significantly increased, reflecting the growing exploitation and economic potential of these resources.
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Cambodia’s Minister of Commerce Champions Digital Trade and Global Market Expansion

Minister of Commerce Cham Nimul urged Cambodian enterprises to utilize digital platforms like to enhance exports and diversify the national economy. At a recent seminar, she outlined a five-point strategy to increase participation, improve quality standards, and provide training for local businesses.
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Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Set for Economic Boost with Investment Initiative

Prime Minister Samdech Hun Manet's new initiative aims to transform Sihanoukville into a thriving special economic zone. Enhanced infrastructure, including a new highway and improved air links, is already boosting tourism and investment. The program focuses on reviving stalled projects, attracting new investments, and expanding existing businesses to drive economic growth.
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How can foreigners buy land legally in Cambodia?

How can foreigners legally buy and own land and landed property in Cambodia? The Cambodian Constitution Law states that only persons or legal entities of Khmer nationality have the right to own land. However, this law does not prohibit foreigners from investing in land in Cambodia. Here are the 6 legal and safe methods for foreigners to buy and own land in Cambodia.
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How to transfer land ownership in Cambodia?

Are you looking for buying a land plot or a house in Cambodia? We prepared a guide to transfer hard titles and LMAP titles: preliminary research (due diligence) for safety, and official transfer processes. Here are the 7 steps to transfer ownership titles.
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The freehold property ownership document types in Cambodia

The freehold property ownership document types in Cambodia Cambodia, has various types of ownership documents. Here is a guide to understand the different types of freehold title deeds in Cambodia. Here is a guide to understand the hard title, soft title, LMAP, Strata title documents.
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Ream City project 3d render

Ream City Project

Ream City is a high-end coastal development at Ream Bay in the province of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It is the largest development project in Cambodia since the Dara Sakor project. Ream City will transform the city into the largest city and the home to Cambodia's only deep-water port, creating a sustainable ecosystem for tourism, trade and housing with the potential to host 130,000 people.
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Should I Sell or Rent My House/Condo in Cambodia?

If you’ve been thinking about moving on from your current property, you might find yourself wondering: should I sell or rent my house or condo in Cambodia? There are some serious pros and cons to both options, and the answer ultimately depends on the property, your financial situation, and your personal circumstances.
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Phnom Penh Sihanoukville Expressway Project Progress in 2021

As of August 2021, 53% of the Express highway between Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville has been completed. The trip between Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh will be 2 hour. This will add a huge boost to Sihanoukville's and the islands' (Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem, and Koh Puos) tourism and real estate industries.
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Dara Sakor real estate development project in Koh Kong Cambodia

Dara Sakor Project: The biggest real estate development project in Cambodia

Dara Sakor project is the biggest real estate development in Cambodia. The project covers 45,000 hectares of coastal land by an estimated development cost of $3.8B and revenue of $30B. It will change the economic structure of Cambodia and its neighbors. The project aims to have 1,3M residents, 6,8M tourists annually, 414K housing units (apartments, villas, and other residentials), 94,500 hotel rooms, employment for 1M people.
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