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Should I Sell or Rent My House/Condo in Cambodia?

If you’ve been thinking about moving on from your current property, you might find yourself wondering: should I sell or rent my house or condo in Cambodia? There are some serious pros and cons to both options, and the answer ultimately depends on the property, your financial situation, and your personal circumstances.


Real Estate Investment in Cambodia

Real estate investment in Cambodia is a great decision. There are some important facts and data that must be learned and analyzed before anyone invest into Cambodia. This includes foreign investment from Western countries, China, Japan and other ASEAN countries. There are also unique benefits of Cambodia concerning real estate investment. No capital gain tax, political stability, Reliably and sustainably long-time growth rate of 7% with acceleration.

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7 things to consider before buying land

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial or an industrial land, there are things to consider so that your investment turns into a gold mine: Location, zoning, what type of land is suitable for your purpose, what permits required, utilities and road, land surveys, and cost to develop the land.

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